Zycus Horizon (Part 2) – How Zycus Fits Into the Heineken Landscape  

In Part 1 yesterday of our account from the Zycus Horizon event in Budapest last week, we talked about the Zycus success journey and learnt about some of their latest developments. Today, let’s take a look at the firm from a customer perspective.

We heard from Heineken’s Ruth Bromley, Director of Procurement Development & Operations about their procurement transformation journey. It was an impressive two years from when it was first discussed as an idea to when they went live, with the right people in the right locations with the right processes and technology. Of a team of 900 procurement personnel, 160 of them were in centralised roles.

Very much central to their success was creating a ‘community’ for this transformation project, a community of people from all relevant functions in the business across the global Heineken regions, with the key emphasis that the transformation was delivered by the community, not to a community. They’ve gone from 45 separate ERPs and will be at 15 by the end of next year. It was an honest and lively session from Ruth who emits a positive energy and practicality to the role -- insightful and realistic for those going on such a journey. I found it appealing that Zycus had invited Heineken to speak about their transformation journey, knowing that Heineken aren’t wall-to-wall Zycus. Zycus fits into their landscape alongside competitors, and Heineken are obviously very happy with the results to be speaking at the event. A good story which many organisations can empathise with in terms of disparate systems and scattered geography.

Similarly, Spend Matters was invited by Zycus to spend time with another customer, Mondelez, the food and beverage giant. We met with Nicolas Garcia, Global Source to Contract Lead. Mondelez have implemented Sourcing, Project Management and Contracts with Zycus (across 150 countries) but use a different platform for their P2P. Explaining their strategy, Nicolas firmly stated their decision was to go best-of-breed. In these days of API links, that’s a source-to-pay landscape I see quite regularly, though in discussions with Zycus and other S2P providers, their conversations with prospects are shifting back to one platform end-to-end.

There were other breakout sessions and demos to be had and I feel the attendees will have been given the information and face time they needed to make it a worthwhile two days for them. Added to the varied agenda, the venue and the entertainment really were a credit to Zycus event organisers. There’s a Bali-based Horizon event to come in August, and a return to Europe in 2020. One for the event schedule next time around.

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