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CSR in Marketing Services and the IBM CPO report – videos for your delectation

A couple more Spend Matters videos for those of you who like to consume knowledge through that medium. In this first one, I’m talking about […]

Procurement in schools is contributing towards some unhappy events

We’re seeing a number of unhappy cases where procurement in the English schools sector is hitting the national press for the wrong reasons. In Derby, […]

RUSI comments on the Ministry of Defence GoCo

A short but incisive paper has just been published by the UK’s Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). Its written by  Professor Trevor Taylor, a Professorial […]

Tim Yeo – why do conflicts of interest matter more for procurement staff than for our leaders?

Here’s a letter we received recently from an irate reader.  Dear Mr Smith I wish to object to being featured on your scurrilous website, “Spending […]

Procurement in Universities – challenges and opportunities

I facilitated a workshop recently for the London Universities Purchasing Consortium, (LUPC), during which their senior team and four of their Board (CPOs from member […]

Don’t want to depress you but… more on Cyprus, and what next?

The banking crisis in Cyprus is almost certainly not over.  The draconian capital controls imposed to stop mass withdrawals from Cypriot banks may stop any […]

Public Sector Procurement is NOT like Tesco

I said we’d come back to the PASC (UK government’s Public Administration Select Committee) debate we covered last week and in particular Colin Cram’s idea […]

Have you tried to email me today?

If you used it won't have worked for reasons far too complex to go into! You can contact me on if it's urgent […]

An open letter to Sepp Blatter and FIFA

Dear Mr Blatter The allegations of bribery around voting for the World Cup are unwelcome and serious.  So it would seem to be an appropriate […]

Procurement News – all UK Public Sector stuff today

Less Re:source for the NHS The East Midlands NHS Procurement Hub is to be abolished, Procurement Leaders reports (an 'exclusive' for them - haven't seen […]