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OGC and Cabinet Office – the plot thickens (again…)

The Cabinet Office has published organagrams for UK Government Departments including salaries, number of positions at different levels and so on. All very interesting, if […]

Local sourcing, Walmart, and Felicity Kendall’s legs….

Did you see strictly Come Dancing? (Not that I watch it usually of course, just happened to be passing etc etc...) Do you realise that […]

How to make friends and influence people (Part 1): Guy Allen and the iPhone

Guy is a good friend of mine and a great procurement leader; Abbey National / Santander, now Fujitsu CPO.  He is also one of those […]

More top suppliers reach agreement with UK Government

It's getting hard to keep up with them; another bunch of providers have agreed MOUs with Government as part of the "negotiating immediate cost savings […]

Judge Mihayo, supplier risk management and the CIO of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs

In our latest post where we take three seemingly unconnected items and weave a rich strand of comment between them... we start with retired high […]

Bonfire of the Quangos – shock news, not many burnt

The bonfire of the quangos has turned out to be more of a slight toasting of the quangos.  No definite savings identified for a start; […]

The dangers of single source outsourcing deals – Horses for Sources comment

I was talking  to a friend recently about an old colleague of ours from many years ago who has gone on to be one of […]

Sir Philip Green wants a uniform approach* to Police procurement

Look, one more day on the Sir Philip Green report then I promise I'll shut up.  Unless I do an FOI request to try and […]

Introducing the Procurement Intelligence Unit *

I was about to write a post which was referring to a piece on the Procurement Intelligence Unit (PIU) website, when I realised I haven't […]

Our anniversary! And more on Spend Matters UK & Europe – how it will work?

I was thinking that it must be about a year since I started this blog, but hadn''t got round to checking the date.  So, at […]

Shock, horror – closing Government organisations costs money

You read it here first.  When the first quango closing announcement was made shortly after the UK election, on May 25th, we said this : […]