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Health Services “Competition” in Manchester – Dr Sanchez-Graells Comments

Dr Albert Sanchez-Graells is a procurement lawyer and academic at Bristol University (and has just been promoted to Reader – well deserved and congratulations to […]

Selling Procurement – Chris Lonsdale on What Makes It Attractive to Students

Following his guest article here on the attitudinal changes he is seeing amongst his students, and another excellent article about Kraljic here, we caught up […]

Chris Lonsdale on Procurement Strategies and The Meaning of Kraljic

We're delighted to feature this excellent and thought-provoking guest post from Dr Chris Lonsdale, who leads the Procurement and Operations Management Group at Birmingham University. […]

Institute of Competition and Procurement Studies Presents Procurement Week 2015

Here is the another taster from a new post on Public Spend Matters Europe, our sister site dedicated to public procurement issues. Institute of Competition […]

Professor Gustavo Piga raises big questions about public procurement

If you spend much of your life listening to people talking about procurement, or reading numerous articles, papers and so on, it can all get […]

Readers’ Comments — on Government Savings, Academic Journals and Wonga

We haven't reported on our readers' comments for a while -- there have been so many interesting procurement news items, CEO/CPO announcements, mergers, opinions, research […]

Amazon, Professor Cox and power in the supply chain

If I had to name the half a dozen most influential "academic" / thought leadership type individuals during my procurement career, one of them without […]

Hughes and Day on Transforming Public Procurement – “Value”

We featured here the launch of  Why Public Procurement is Central to the UK’s Economic Performance.. And How to Transform It,  the recent report from […]

Harvard Business Review on Extreme Negotiations – great stuff

Extreme negotiations - conjures up some great images. Getting yourself set free to escape a psychopathic pyromaniac who has you tied up in a basement? […]

CIPS and Cranfield announce new procurement network venture

CIPS and Cranfield University have announced a new programme - the Executive Procurement Network. This replaces the old CIPS Leaders' Network, which itself came out […]

Why being a ‘pure’ procurement academic is difficult

I've been been talking to an experienced and well respected procurement academic over the last couple of weeks about a piece of research he's doing […]

Procurement Academics; and stating the b******y obvious

When I first came into procurement, some 25 years ago, there was little academic presence in the profession.  Then (and I apologise, this is a […]