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Jules Goddard and The Fatal Bias – Essential Reading for Procurement

This week we’re catching up on the recent Procurious Big Ideas Summit (see here for initial coverage) with a series of articles around the people […]

GM climb down over new contract – how could suppliers force GM’s hand?

We reported in part 1 yesterday that GM had gone back on some of the onerous contract terms it was trying to impose on suppliers, […]

RIP CPO Agenda Magazine – what went wrong?

CPO Agenda was launched back in Spring 2005 by CIPS (the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply) in partnership with Redactive Publishing, under editor Geraint […]

Flirting helps get better negotiating results – apparently

So, after a huge research project, psychologists have discovered that women who “flirt” as part of their negotiation strategy get better results than those who […]