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Apple Shows Where Supply Chain Power Lies – Imagination Technologies Shares Crash

Power. You can talk about lots of important words when it comes to the commercial and business arrangements between buyer and supplier. You can talk […]

Down the Procurement Pub with the NHS, Apple Watch, Welsh Procurement Week and Run River North

We spent a few days in Germany last weekend but I failed to get any photos of beer, surprisingly. However, here is a scene from […]

Apple Gives You Your Money Back If You Don’t Like the Music!

Sometimes you realise that the digital world is still very young, and to some extent we’re still working out how to live with it, and […]

Procurement News – the Latest Stories

The run up to Christmas has actually seen some pretty significant procurement and supply chain stories. It doesn’t really seem worth featuring them at great […]

Apple and GTAT, and Is Apple’s Supply Chain Management REALLY That Great?

My colleague Pierre Mitchell at Spend Matters US wrote an excellent article recently about the issues around Apple and GTAT. That supplier makes sapphire manufacturing […]

Down the Procurement Pub with CIPS, Apple, SAP, ISM and Ben Khan

The CIPS Fellows last night had a very serious discussion about the future of the Chartered Member status, how procurement can position itself for the […]