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Down the Procurement Wine-Bar With Top Earners, Ariba, the NHS, FT and Christine

Didn’t actually go to the pub much over the last couple of weeks but drank some very good wine at home, including one bottle pictured […]

Ariba’s Alex Atzberger and Jason Busch on the ‘Golden Age of Procurement’

Over on our sister Spend Matters US site, there is an interesting two-part discussion between Jason Busch, Spend Matters founder, and Alex Atzberger, SAP Ariba […]

Jason Busch on Ariba and How To Choose Procurement Software

Our US based colleagues write a huge amount of useful material, and the team there are certainly more technologically savvy than Nancy and I here. […]

We’ve compiled a Spend Matters US SAP/Fieldglass Roundup – so you don’t have to

Last week we reported on the SAP/Fieldglass announcement that has taken the airwaves by storm. It has been prolific on the twittersphere and beyond, and generated […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Ariba, Wax Digital, Optimum, Science Warehouse, Andrew Manley and Kitten Pyramid

My US based colleague, Jason Busch, has been in town this week- very briefly, and even more briefly than planned  because of the big Chicago […]

Ariba at eWorld, Supplier Infonet and mixed messages

It’s the unexpected stuff that makes conferences and events worthwhile as much as the set-piece speeches and workshops. The recent eWorld event had a great […]

Procurement News from the US: Hazing (again), SAP/Ariba and the DOJ, Upcoming Contract Management Webinar

As Peter has previously touted, please join us for a webinar on Tuesday, 9/25! Contract Visibility Matters: Join Us For a Spend Matters Webinar on […]

Procurement News from the US – Weekly Round-Up

It’s been an utterly insane week here at the Spend Matters Chicago headquarters. What with the beta launch of our new Spend Matters PRO community […]