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“You’re Too Expensive” – The Ethics Of Lying To Suppliers

We wrote about Japanese auctions here and the ethics of not telling a supplier when their “bid” is the lowest, but instead allowing them to […]

The A-Z of Reverse Auctions – Market Dojo Takes Us Through Their Alphabet

We're pleased to feature a guest post from Market Dojo, providers of auction-related and other procurement solutions and software. We love reverse auctions! Yes, as […]

Reverse auctions – Don’t tell the suppliers!

(We're pleased to feature a guest post from Jonathan Rollason, an ex CPO, CIPS Past President and now director of Purchasing Auctions). I have always […]

Procurement Innovation? Say konnichi wa to Japanese Auctions!

We're delighted to feature a guest post from Nick Drewe of Market Dojo, e-sourcing software and solutions providers. Upon the recent request of a customer […]

Reverse auctions – an informed debate on LinkedIn

There's been a good debate on LinkedIn in response to what was initially a pretty typical  'marketing announcement' type piece from Ruth Pires of Trading […]