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Volkswagen Supplier Dispute – Supply Chain “Good Practice” May Have Contributed To Problems

We wrote yesterday about the dispute between Volkswagen and two of its key suppliers which has led to production of Golf cars being suspended for […]

Volkswagen Supplier Dispute – Production Halted, VW Sends in the Bailiffs

The current dispute involving Volkswagen and two of its key suppliers looks like going down in the annals of procurement and supplier relationship management history, […]

Volkswagen Scandal – Supply Chain Impact and Corporate Values

Clearly, as a highly influential website in the procurement and supply chain world, we feel we should have a view about the Volkswagen emissions scandal. […]

Prof. John Henke and proof that supplier relationships drive profitability

In our previous article, we discussed the new report from Prof. John Henke of consulting firm Planning Perspectives and Oakland University (Rochester, MI). Henke is […]

Supplier relationships and profitability – Prof. John Henke proves the link

It is rare to read something and realise that it will be referred to in procurement and indeed wider business circles for many, many years […]

GM climb down over new contract – how could suppliers force GM’s hand?

We reported in part 1 yesterday that GM had gone back on some of the onerous contract terms it was trying to impose on suppliers, […]

GM climbs down over new contract with suppliers

For many years, the automotive industry was seen as a leading sector for procurement performance and leadership, with Ford one of the key organisations that […]

Aston Martin – China hits back, the mystery of their recall deepens

Aston Martin announced a couple of weeks ago that they were recalling most of its cars built since 2007. To be precise, “all left hand […]

Thai-Tang is Ford’s new CPO – great cv, no purchasing experience

Let’s dig into the changes at the top of Ford’s purchasing structure, announced this month, because they raise some interesting questions about the nature of […]