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Is It Time To Retire Procurement?

We welcome this guest post from James Bousher, Operations Performance Manager at  Business Performance Consultancy Ayming. Every now and then, a profession seems to go through […]

Mending The Roof While The Sun Is Shining

We are pleased to welcome this guest post from Chloe Jansen, manager of operations performance at Ayming, which specialises in helping organisations of all types […]

Sun, Sea and Unusual Tariff Structures … Brexit Lessons from Barbados

We are delighted to feature this post from James Bousher, Operations Performance Manager at business performance consultancy Ayming. Barbados and Brexit aren't often two words that […]

How CPOs See Procurement vs CEOs and CFOs – Procurement 2020 Report

Back in 2017 (how long ago it seems already), we featured a report from consulting firm Ayming. What we found interesting in the Procurement 2020 […]

CEOs and CPOs – Not Aligned On Key Objectives, Suggests Ayming Report

We featured the Procurement 2020 report from consulting firm Ayming here and the findings from their survey that suggested many CEOs were dissatisfied with their […]

Ayming Procurement Survey – Do CEOs Really Want to Re-organise Procurement?

Ayming is, we confess, a new name for us in terms of management consulting in general and procurement consulting. The firm has popped up a […]