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Farcical Ferries U-Turn – Wasted Resource and Effort

Dominating the headlines over the weekend was the scrapping of the Brexit Ferry contract due to an Irish investor withdrawing support. This is the awarding […]

Kentucky Fried Chicken Supply Failure, What Went Wrong? – The Phantom CPO Speaks

We have had an unusual guest article submitted from someone (something?) that calls him- or herself “The Phantom CPO!” All they would tell us is […]

Public Spend Forum Europe – Public Procurement Highlights from this Week

Public Spend Forum is dedicated to public sector procurement and aims to be a global community and knowledge network for improving public procurement and the public sector […]

The London Garden Bridge Scandal Just Won’t Go Away …

The Garden Bridge story just won’t go away. You may remember that the previous Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, along with actress and national treasure […]

National Audit Office Identifies Mega Taxpayer Losses on NDA Programme

The National Audit Office published their report last week into the Nuclear De-commissioning Authority’s disastrous handling of the procurement and management of the Magnox contract. […]

Understanding your Raw Materials – “Provenance” and a Tragic Case

We have another story now to add to the litany of incidents where poor sourcing and supply chain management (in the broadest sense) have played […]

London Garden Bridge – Dodgy Procurement and Make Your Mind Up Time for Khan

We have reported more than once on the London Garden Bridge affair, under which a designer and a project management firm were appointed through what […]