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Mind the Performance Gap – New Future Purchasing Category Management Report Out Now

Future Purchasing has for some years been recognised by many in the procurement world as the leading consulting firm in terms of deep, useful and […]

Coupa Benchmark Report – How Do Your Savings Stack Up?

Let’s take a final look (for now at least) at the new Coupa 2018 benchmark report titled “12 ways to measure business spend management success”. […]

Can You Really Use Google to Benchmark Purchases?

From a procurement perspective, a search engine is still a long way from being a satisfactory benchmarking tool. In this advisory piece, Al Nagar, head of […]

Benchmarking Report Finds Weakness When AP and Procurement Are Separate

The “2015 Financial Leaders’ Benchmarking Report - Global Essential Insight from AP, P2P and Shared Services,” was published very recently by APEX Analytix. The report […]

Procurement Provider Net Promoter Study – £15 for 15 mins of your time

Many procurement organizations benchmark their internal services using customer satisfaction surveys, and some have adopted the Net Promoter Score methodology as a variation on the satisfaction score. So I thought it’d be great to extend the approach out to external procurement service providers – starting with procurement software [service] providers. But satisfaction without context doesn’t mean much, so we’re launching the first round of an ongoing “benchmark” survey that gauges procurement provider satisfaction scores for six different procurement process areas. The best part? If you complete the survey, we'll give you a £15 Amazon gift card and free 7-day access to Spend Matters PRO.