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The Risks Around Carillion Step-In Providers – Allan Watton Speaks

We’ve featured Allan Watton many times over the years. He and his firm, Best Practice Group, are genuinely deep experts in major outsource service contracts, […]

Best Practice Group on Problematic IT Projects – the Importance of Trust

We featured a report from consulting firm BPG a few weeks back, and we are coming back to it today. Best Practice Group (BPG) is […]

Problematic IT Projects – Excellent Paper from Best Practice Group

IT Procurement is such a broad field, and as we said last month it is a “master spend category” that has changed more than most […]

Best Practice Group and the History of Serco

The Best Practice Group (BPG) and their MD, Allan Watton, are genuinely deep experts around business process outsourcing contracts and what makes them succeed or […]