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When better procurement means better productivity: COVID-19 and the ‘new normal’

home working

Amazon Business customer, Harper Macleod, a leading Scottish law firm, explains how, as one of the many businesses whose day-to-day operations have been completely transformed by Covid-19, they transformed their working environment to home-based. “When you’re in the middle of the firefight we were facing, with no experience of a situation like this, everyone was extremely nervous; knowing we could rely on the procurement process to get the right equipment to the right people on time was hugely reassuring,” they said.

Meeting Michael — Coupa’s new CPO on procurement at its most pivotal time

We were delighted to talk with Michael van Keulen recently - the new CPO at Coupa. Michael had been in the seat for just two […]

Public Spend Forum – Public Procurement Highlights from this Week

Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public procurement and the public sector market. It […]

Some Good News from NHS Procurement

(Editor's Note: we should have published this last week before the story about the NHSI sponsored procurement consulting programme broke.  We will have our comments […]

What Do Rising Temperatures Mean for Food and Beverage Procurement?

We welcome this guest post from Peter Wortsman, Chief Commercial Officer at Cervest, who specialise in supply chain risk.   “It is not the strongest of […]

Procurement And Capitalism – Heavy Stuff, Man …

Capitalism doesn't seem to be working too well at the moment, does it? If it wasn't for the lack of any other feasible economic system, […]

How to Achieve ‘World-Class’ Procurement Agility

In October, The Hackett Group released its 2016 report of its study into world-class procurement organisations and what makes them perform better than typical procurement […]

Managing Risk – Increase Your Focus on the Value of Procurement Capabilities (Part 2)

This is the second in a three-part series of articles by Jeremy Smith, Director at management procurement consultancy 4C Associates on the changing role of procurement, supplier […]

Buyers Need To Be Better Sellers

We are pleased to welcome this guest post from Ian Fishwick, SME and Commercial Director of Trade Association, Innopsis, with advice on how and why to […]

Best Practice Procurement Will Help Deliver Government’s Austerity Goals

We are pleased to bring you this very timely post by Mark Ewen, Head of Procurement & Compliance at ESPO, a customer-focused, not-for-profit, public sector buying […]

Poles Apart? Why Procurement, Sales and Marketing Need to Align Their Views of the World

Many thanks to Chris Smith, Sales Director at Wax Digital, for the first of two informative posts on the relationship between Procurement and other departments, in this case […]

How Procurement Professionals Can Add Value to Business Performance: Some Further Thoughts

Gerard Chick, chief knowledge officer, Optimum Procurement Group has produced a series of articles looking at a number of key areas where procurement professionals can […]