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Down the Procurement Pub with an Announcement, Bloom, Coupa and Sundara Karma

So, a somewhat different Down the Procurement Pub today… with an announcement. After exactly 8 years of Spend Matters UK/Europe, I’ve decided it is time […]

What’s Behind Bloom’s Rapid Growth – People, Process and Plans (Part 3)

In our two previous articles, here and here, we looked at our recent visit to Newcastle to meet David Shields and some of his new […]

What’s Behind Bloom’s Rapid Growth – People, Process and Plans (Part 2)

In part 1, we looked at what David Shields, the recently appointed Chief Executive of Bloom Procurement Services, is doing to improve the way in […]

What’s Behind Bloom’s Rapid Growth – People, Process and Plans (Part 1)

We interviewed David Shields back in June, just after he joined Bloom Procurement Services as Group Chief Executive. Three months on, and following announcements of […]

Top IT Execs Move to “the Toon” as Bloom Extends Tech Capability

We recently reported that Bloom Procurement Services who operate the NEPO procurement services framework for the public sector has recruited its first Chief Technology Officer, […]

David Shields Is Back … Bloom Bags Public Procurement Big-Hitter

We met up for the first time in several years with David Shields last week. Earlier this decade, he was the Managing Director of Government […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Bloom, CIPS, Basware, GDPR and Royal Weddings

Yes, it's elitist, I know, but the CIPS Fellows’ Wine Tasting is fun. Here are some of the great and the good of procurement, plus […]

Ensuring that NHS Professional Services Spend Delivers Value

This is another in our series of articles relating to good practice in terms of procurement of consulting and related services, published in conjunction with […]

Procurement As A Force For Change (Part 2)

In Part 1, we looked at my session at the recent Bloom customer event. I talked about the evolution of procurement from being concerned largely […]

Procurement As A Force For Change (Part 1)

Towards the end of last year we wrote about a couple of the guest sessions at the recent Bloom Procurement Services customer event, but we […]

What to Consider to Secure Procurement a Seat at the Top Table

Our good friend and procurement maestro extraordinaire, Mr David Smith, sometimes known as Peter’s brother, other times, his father, has written a short article on […]

Cornwall County Council – Change of Professional Services Provision Drives Big Savings

The second of the customers we heard from at Bloom’s annual conference recently was Cornwall County Council. They use Bloom as their supplier of choice […]