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Book Review: “Relationship Management – Unlocking the Hidden Value in Your Supply Base”

It’s almost four years since we reviewed Jonathan O’Brien’s book “Supplier Relationship Management – Unlocking the hidden value in your supply base”. This impressive work, […]

The Best Procurement Books of 2016: Music Rights Without Fights

Last Christmas we did a round-up of the procurement books published in 2015, and marvelled at the quality; from Magnus Carlsson on IKEA, Abby Semple […]

Book Review – Financing The End-To-End Supply Chain

It’s a risky business, reviewing books (or anything else) produced by or involving friends. If you make a big thing about being independent, then you […]

Lessons Learned At Ikea – Procurement Secrets Exposed in Excellent New Book

The sub-title of this book tells you a lot more about the contents really than the title. “Strategic Sourcing and Category Management” is very generic, […]

“Category Management in Purchasing” – New Edition of Jonathan O’Brien’s Book Reviewed

We featured our interview with author, educator and consultant Jonathan O'Brien of Positive Purchasing here a couple of weeks back. That coincided with the publication […]

The Lean Supply Chain – Fascinating New Book on Tesco (part 2)

Labor Day

We started our review of the new book by Barry Evans and Robert Mason yesterday. “The Lean Supply Chain - Managing the challenge at Tesco” […]

The Lean Supply Chain – Fascinating Book on Tesco Goes Beyond Its Title

Sometimes you have to feel sorry for authors. Take Barry Evans and Robert Mason. They have both been supply chain professionals, Evans with Tesco and […]

New Edition of Caroline Booth’s Book – Strategic Procurement

It is almost four years since Kogan Page published 'Strategic Procurement - Organizing suppliers and supply chains for competitive advantage', by Caroline Booth. The author, […]