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The Best Procurement Books of 2016: The Negotiation Book

Continuing our reprise of the best procurement books of 2016 with a second edition of The Negotiation Book. The author, Steve Gates, is founder of […]

The Best Procurement Books of 2016: Financing The End-To-End Supply Chain

Continuing our reprise of the best procurement-related books of 2016. It’s a risky business, reviewing books (or anything else) produced by or involving friends. If […]

Win Richard Kirstein’s Excellent Book on Buying Music Rights!

We reviewed the new book by our occasional guest writer Richard Kirstein here. Titled “Music Rights – Without Fights” and subtitled “The Smart Marketer’s Guide […]

Christmas Books for Procurement People – Our Reviews from 2015

What do you get the procurement person in your life who already has a state-of-the-art calculator, a leather-bound copy of the hospitality policy, and a […]

Reader Discounts on Two Recommended Procurement Books

Our thanks to publishers Kogan Page for offering special discounts to Spend Matters readers on two of their recent procurement books. This is a limited […]

The Procurement Value Proposition – Chick and Handfield’s Important New(ish) Book

The Procurement Value Proposition – subtitled “The rise of supply management” is an important new book from Gerard Chick and Robert Handfield. Chick worked for […]

John Seddon’s “The Whitehall Effect” Is Essential Reading for Anyone Interested in the Public Sector

John Seddon is an academic, author and consultant who has very strong views about much that governments have been doing over the last few years […]

Sigi Osagie – An Excerpt from his Excellent Book, Procurement Mojo

We reviewed Sigi Osagie’s book here - “Procurement Mojo - Strengthening the Function and Raising its Profile.” It’s fair to say we liked it rather a […]