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Beyond Command and Control – a Better Way of Contracting for Complex Services?

John Seddon is a highly original and interesting thinker, whose work over the years has often gone against the grain of conventional ideas about business […]

In Case You Missed It … Procurement and Supply Market Roundup

We can't comment on every press release that hits our desks, but here are a few market news stories this week that we thought we […]

Sigi Osagie – Author and Procurement Provocateur (part 2)

Here is part 2 of our Procurement Provocateurs interview with Sigi Osagie (part 1 was here). His book Procurement Mojo - Strengthening the Function and […]

Sigi Osagie – Author and Procurement Provocateur (part 1)

Sigi Osagie's story is an unusual one for a senior procurement and supply chain executive. He came to England from his native country of Nigeria, […]

John Niland and the Opportunity Conversation – free e-book!

At the Expense Reduction Analysts conference a few weeks ago, I met John Niland, who was the keynote speaker. Unfortunately I missed his session, but […]