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Peter’s Compendium – A Veritable ‘Matrix’ of Procurement Stories

I never cease to be amazed at the power of Mr Smith’s brain. No – not you Peter – the other Mr Smith – primary […]

Ingvar Kamprad, Ikea Founder and Supply Chain Pioneer, 1926-2018

Last week, a man who has had more impact on more people than almost anyone else in the world over the past 60 years died, […]

Public Procurement – A Cornucopia of Historical Documents …

Our old friend, Ken Cole, who has done sterling work around public sector procurement for many years (and publishes a very good local government procurement […]

The Buyer’s Toolkit – Another Impressive Book from Jonathan O’Brien

Jonathan O’Brien continues to amaze in terms of his productivity as an author. As well as being CEO at respected training firm Positive Purchasing, he […]

Summer Reading – A Handful of Recommended Books, Procurement and More

Now the summer holidays are here, we are going to suggest some reading that will keep you busy … you can read the rest of […]

Summer Procurement Reading – Good Content From Consulting Firms

Now the summer holidays are here, and the British rain steadily falls, we are going to suggest some reading that will keep you busy through […]

Category Management by Jonathan O’Brien – New Edition of Classic Book

Jonathan O’Brien, founder of the leading procurement training firm Positive Purchasing, has now published three very good books that will be standard works in our […]

Supplier Relationship Management – our review of Jonathan O’Brien’s new book

Jonathan O’Brien has accomplished a rare feat of authoring three important books in our industry with the publication of “Supplier Relationship Management – Unlocking the […]

Negotiation book review – Fight! Fight!

As the official magazine of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, Supply Management experiences both the positives and the negatives of that role. On […]

Buying Professional Services – A three-way relationship

In this extract from Buying Professional Services, published exactly two years ago by the Economist Books and written by Fiona Czerniawska and I, we take […]

Strategic Procurement – Caroline Booth’s new book reviewed

Well, I say new but it was published last Autumn, so apologies for my slowness in reviewing it!  "Strategic Procurement - Organizing suppliers and supply […]

Say goodbye to Christmas with a Consultant’s Carol…

When was 12th night? It's probably unlucky to mention Christmas now, but as a final 'goodbye', here's Fiona Czerniawska (consulting guru and my co-author) with […]