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Our HCSA CPO Mole — Proud About Procurement

Following the NHS procurement conference of the year, the Health Care Supply Association (HCSA) event in November, our anonymous CPO mole from the HCSA gives […]

Procurement and Supply Chain Technology in the NHS – Are You a Pessimist or Optimist?

Our hot topic this month is procurement in the UK health service. As we said here, it is a huge topic, and we’re going to […]

Healthcare Analytics – BravoSolution Identifies Opportunities and Worrying Trends

At the recent BravoSolution Connect event, we had a very stimulating (if somewhat worrying) session looking at spend analytics in the UK National Health Service, […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Mr Mansell, Mr Smith, BravoHealth and The Family Rain

I intended to use this picture in my Trade Extensions piece the other day. This is the newly slim-line Garry Mansell (40 pounds lighter), their […]