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Government Looks To Increase Tax Revenue from Contractors

In the UK government budget last week, there were announcements about the tax treatment of contingent workers, announcements that appear to add to confusion rather […]

PFI – The Biggest Rip-Off in UK Public Sector History?

The announcements in the UK government budget last week about PFI (Private Finance Initiative) came as no great surprise. Chancellor Philp Hammond signaled the end […]

UK Budget – What Effect Will It Have on the Contingent Labour Market?

We wrote here about the government's new measures to increase tax revenues from the contractor population and clamp down on what they call "disguised employment" […]

UK Budget Targets Contractors – We Want More Tax From You, says Osborne

As the ContractorUK website put it last week, “George Osborne launched a four-fold attack on the contractor community in his Summer Budget 2015, delivered earlier […]