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The 2020 Procurement and Supply Predictions from the Market — Capita

Continuing our series of procurement and supply chain related predictions for 2020, we have gathered a variety of predictions from leading vendors in the procurement […]

Myth Busting at Capita

If you’ve not spent any time with Kieran Sullivan, then you should. Kieran works for Capita Procurement Solutions (CPS), a procurement business of Capita PLC, […]

The Day of the Council Mega-Outsource is Dead – But Get the Wooden Stake Out Just in Case …

Over the years we have covered a whole range of major local authority (council) outsourcing deals to a range of suppliers – Capita, Serco, BT, […]

National Audit Office – NHS and Capita Both Culpable in Contract Failure

The UK National Audit Office released a report recently on the NHS England (NHSE) contract with Capita for primary care services, which joins the long […]

Capita’s Plans for Procurement – More Questions and a Few Suggestions

In Part 1 we looked at the questions I posed the MBA students last weekend during my session at the University of Birmingham. Taking the […]

Why Didn’t Capita Invest in Procurement? Maybe There Were Good Reasons …

We mentioned here the rather odd situation Capita finds itself in – telling its investors that it has been useless at procurement while selling procurement […]

Capita Discovers Procurement – Is It Too Late?

We wrote here about the issues that might arise for customers of services firm Capita following their poor financial results and a recent rights issue. […]

Capita Rights Issue & Procurement Points To Watch When Suppliers Are In Trouble

Last week, services provider Capita announced a rights issue to shore up the firm’s finances. Investors chipped in £701 million in new money as pre-tax […]

Capita – Not Another Carillion But More Big Questions for Public Procurement

After the collapse of Carillion, it's easy to see why the problems at services outsourcing specialist Capita last week caused so much consternation and generated […]

Is Barnet Council Capable of Managing Capita Contract? Auditors Not Sure …

Regular readers will know of the IBM Southwest One public sector outsourcing contract in Somerset which was beset by problems and according to campaigner Dave […]

Best Practice – The Holy Grail of Procurement

Another of the presentations we attended at eWorld on March 1st came from Graham Bell and Peter Stediford, both client engagement managers at Capita Integrated […]

Capita Profits Warning – a Sign of Better Public Procurement?

We have never subscribed to the Private Eye view of business process outsourcing firm Capita, but there would have been a few smiles amongst opponents […]