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Category Management – still a value-creation tool for procurement, Part 2

Yesterday we began our conversation with Mark Webb of Future Purchasing about whether category management has had its day or is still as critical to […]

Category Management: still a value-creation tool for procurement – part 1

Category Management has long been - in fact for about 30 years - referred to as the most powerful instrument in procurement’s tool box. As […]

Corcentric: a true Source-to-Pay provider, now making its mark in Europe

In Europe we know the name ‘Determine’ much better than we know ‘Corcentric.’ It was a significant announcement for the procurement world when in early […]

Mind the Performance Gap – New Future Purchasing Category Management Report Out Now

Future Purchasing has for some years been recognised by many in the procurement world as the leading consulting firm in terms of deep, useful and […]

Cirtuo: A Laser for Strategic Procurement

The power of the platform combined with external advisory is back! Typically, an organisation will go for the platform of choice for its needs, complemented […]

Deliveroo Moving in on Food Procurement

The news that Deliveroo is offering restaurants a procurement service is fascinating. ‘Food Procurement,’ claims to offer big savings on raw ingredients, as well as […]

Ivalua in Paris – Painting an Impressive Picture

As promised we have more coverage from Ivalua Now which took place in Paris last week. Peter Smith returns to share his thoughts ...  Last […]

Ivalua Now Paris: A Huge Success and a Testament to their Growth

Spend Matters analyst, Michael Lamoureux, attended Ivalua's annual conference in Paris last week. Here, he shares his experience and learnings with us.  I knew that […]

Twenty Years of ProcureCon in Europe – Indirect Kicks Off 2019

We are getting into procurement spring events now. We attended eWorld this month, and ProcureCon Indirect is hot on its heels. ProcureCon started up in […]

Contribute to the Most Important Piece of Research on Category Management – In Just 10 Minutes

The category management experts at Future Purchasing have been busy putting together their global 2018 benchmarking survey. The previous one, in 2016, attracted more than […]

New Zealand Defence Procurement Update: SRM and Cat Man in Focus

At the CIPS Fellows meeting last week, I bumped into three old friends and fine procurement people – Jason Waterman, who I worked with on […]

Category Management Survey – An Invitation for You

At some point, we suspect that artificial intelligence might have a profound effect on category management, but in the meantime, it continues to be an […]