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Down the Procurement Pub with Basware, Copenhagen, Windrush, Sun and LUMP

My colleague Nancy Clinton and I didn't want to go to Copenhagen for ProcureCon Indirect, it really is just duty calling, the need to bring […]

Michael Gove and The Civil Servants’ Dilemma

Last week, ex Cabinet Minister Michael Gove wrote a Times newspaper column in which he was very critical of the UK civil service. He accused […]

Sir Bernard Gray Rises From the MOD Grave – ex Procurement Head to Review His Own Changes

Connoisseurs of strange civil service decisions will be fascinated by this one. The Defense News website reports that Sir Bernard Gray,  who until recently ran […]

Sally Collier Moves On – We Look Back At Her Public Procurement Career

With Sally Collier leaving Crown Commercial Service to run Ofqual, let's take a look back at her procurement career - because I don't think she […]