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Commodity procurement

Cocoa prices on the rise – consider hedging, buy lots of chocolate!

We’ve become accustomed now to demand from China for raw materials having a significant effect on world prices of metals and other traded commodities. Those […]

Procurement challenges ahead as weather hits crop production

Back from Dubai and temperatures of 38C (just short of 100 degrees F), we arrived at Heathrow last Thursday to sleet showers. Now things picked […]

The fifth day of Christmas – sourcing /hedging strategies for precious metals

We have looked at our procurement strategy with respect to our annual purchase of five gold rings and the summary findings are given here. The […]

The Outlook for Food Crops – Procurement Issues and Problems Ahead?

Whilst it has moved down the headlines somewhat, the drought in parts of the USA – and extreme weather in other parts of the world […]

Windsor and Eton Brewery Part 2 – Supply Chain Insight (and brilliant beer)

So we left you with  a question yesterday in our series following my visit to the Windsor and Eton Brewery (WEB).  What has been the […]

More on commodity buying, Black Swans and 300 yard slices…

We’re coming back to Bubba Watson, Betfair and commodity hedging today. We gave the general warning yesterday that commodity trading is not for the faint […]

Applying commodity hedging principles to sports betting

You may have seen my blog about Bubba Watson and the Masters at the weekend. In it, I made the comment that I had lost […]

Friday round-up: good news for chocoholics, bad news for Clinton Cards

So imagine this. Your core product is under severe competitive threat, driven by game-changing technological developments. You've increased prices faster than inflation for some years […]

Chicago conference to address managing commodities and commodity risk

Chicago in the Springtime! What could be nicer? How about Chicago plus an insightful conference that will help you manage spend in the volatile and […]

Kairos – the Danes bravely forecast commodity prices!

Soren Vammen is an old acquaintance who has run dilf for some years now – the Danish Purchasing and Logistics Forum, an equivalent of CIPS, […]

Fancy a drink? China does. Purchasing (or not) first-growth claret

Wine seems to me one of the most amazing things in the world. You let grapes ferment, and you get this huge variety of different, […]

How can procurement respond to crazy commodity markets?

Commodity prices have been going crazy recently.  After huge increases this year to date, last week saw some of the biggest short term declines ever […]