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Spend Matters and the tale of traveling through time zones: conference mania!

It was quite a travel week for the Spend Matters team - first, Jason Busch, Lisa Reisman, Pierre Mitchell, Thomas Kase, and myself all converged in Las Vegas (so sunny. so hot.) for ISM's annual conference, and then Jason jetted off to Philadelphia for Elemica's event. ISM actually marked my speaking debut on the procurement circuit, in the session "From Wikis to Whitepapers: Brand Yourself by Leveraging Social Media and Other Resources." Lisa Reisman moderated the panel discussion for "The Impact of Regulatory Issues on the Future of Supply Management" and presented "Using Macroeconomic Indicators to Drive Procurement Decision-Making." Jason Busch presented "Spend Analysis Meets Big Data: A Checklist for New Procurement Analytics." A big showing from the Spend Matters team, in other words!