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IBM – The procurement people behind the Big Blue

Unless you’ve been to some of the procurement-focused events in recent years, you’d be forgiven for thinking IBM were keeping a relatively low profile, given […]

The 2020 Procurement and Supply Predictions from the Market — Capita

Continuing our series of procurement and supply chain related predictions for 2020, we have gathered a variety of predictions from leading vendors in the procurement […]

Meet the Team – Today Let’s Meet Nick

Many of our readers in Europe aren’t aware that we have a network of super clever analysts, commercial, business and tech experts, researchers and editors […]

Procurement Industry Events Need to Change with the Times

Having just completed a busy procurement conference season this Autumn, we were intrigued by this guest article from Bastiaan van Drempt of Coact Consulting. Coact Consulting […]

Consulting Firms – Sometimes a Difficult Position for Procurement

McKinsey is arguably the most impressive, influential and successful consulting firm in the world. (Declaration of interest; I passed all their tests some 25 years […]

Exclusive – Lot 1 of Crown Commercial Service Consultancy Framework Scrapped

We picked up last week that the Crown Commercial Service framework for Management Consultancy services has run into problems. An email was sent out to […]

Palambridge – Innovative Model for Firm Entering Procurement Consulting Marketplace

There have been a couple of interesting developments in the consulting and professional services world in the past two weeks - one very much UK-based, […]

Exclusive – Crown Commercial Service Backs Down on Consulting Price Cuts

We understand that the UK government’s Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has backed down from its threats to exclude consulting firms from the ConsultancyOne contract extension […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Achilles, Capita, MCA and GO Awards, and Peace

Oddly enough, I haven’t done much pubbing recently, in part because I'm trying the 5:2 diet. Shall I bore you about that? Maybe not today. […]

Exclusive – Now UK Government Is Accused of Supplier Bullying as it Demands Price Reductions!

After organisations such as Tesco and Premier Foods were criticised for demanding additional payments from suppliers, and Heinz and Sainsbury’s (amongst others) were similarly taken […]