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Happy May Day – rent controls, socialism and contract management

Happy May Bank Holiday! It’s a public holiday in the UK today, so blogging will be light, and it’s not quite May Day of course, […]

Supplier Diversity – Contract Management Issues and Tips

Last week, as part of our series on supplier diversity, we looked at the core supplier selection stage of the process and how it is […]

2 Key Strategies in Planning for Supplier Relationship Win-Win

Earlier this month we wrote “Is win-win in supplier relationships impossible? Andrew Cox thinks so, we’re not so sure” in response to “The Problem with […]

G4S back in frame for UK public contracts – has its exile been successful for government ?

So G4S, the huge security and outsourced services provider, is officially off the naughty step with the UK government and back in the frame for […]

Is win-win in supplier relationships impossible? Andrew Cox thinks so, we’re not so sure

David Atkinson, ex CPO and now one of the most thoughtful advisers and thinkers in our business,  tweeted a link to a fascinating  white paper […]

Putting the right effort into contract management

We wrote last week about salaries in government procurement and contract management roles, and one of our readers made a very interesting comment that I […]

Contract and Supplier Management – 2014 priorities for procurement leaders (part 3)

What should CPOs and other senior procurement practitioners be focusing on in 2014? A difficult question because of course every organisation is different, and you […]

Procurement Hot Topics – our agenda for 2014 (part 2)

We’ve been thinking about which broad topics to cover here at Spend Matters UK/ Europe over the coming year. Whilst events will no doubt take […]

Down the Procurement Pub at the Wolseley with another critical contract management report and Sivu

You can see some more pictures from the Real World Sourcing series dinner the other night, like this one of the Wolseley,  courtesy of Sarah […]

Contract management in government – we look into the crystal ball

Welcome to old Mother Smith’s tent. Just sit down there, darling, let me look into the future for you... I’m looking into my crystal ball […]

Hounslow Council – bringing contract management and procurement closer

(Hounslow High Street, 1905)  So, you've completed your degree in Ancient History at one of England's best universities, you've then done a Masters in Roman […]

Procurement and Contract Management – the revolutionaries of Hounslow Council

In the debate about procurement’s future, one potential route for the function is rarely discussed or seen as a feasible option (although Sammy Rashed did […]