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Grenfell Tower Report – Did Procurement Contribute To Disaster?

The final report from the UK government’s “Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety” was published last month, a year after the terrible tragedy […]

Transitioning from Being Measured on Savings to Being Measured on Value

We had a bit of a ‘galactic’ and somewhat philosophical speech from Ian Thompson, UK Senior Director at Tradeshift, at eWorld last month. But when […]

Procurement Is About Value, Not Cost – But Easier Said Than Measured …

A couple of weeks back, I mentioned my session with some of the procurement team from a very large UK firm in the context of […]

Procurement Success – Five Tips for 2015 from Sigi Osagie

(We're delighted to feature a guest post for the New Year from Sigi Osagie, author of  ‘Procurement Mojo: Strengthening the Function and Raising Its Profile’  (£14.99, […]