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How Many Decimals of π Does Procurement Really Need?

Continuing our selection of favourite guest posts from 2016; Pierre Lapree is Founder of Per Angusta, which helps procurement organisations manage their sourcing pipeline. Pierre's expertise lies […]

The Merger – Our Story of Procurement, Data and Sexual Tension

We published last week our “novella” titled The Merger, written by Peter Smith of Spend Matters and Steve Cobley of Ivalua. Rather than the usual […]

Warning – Don’t Always Trust the Data! It Can Cost You Your Business

Data is everywhere these days. Increasingly, it isn't just data, it is "big data", although what exactly is the difference between small data, medium-sized data […]

Contract Management, reliance on data, and near disaster on the M1

The traffic that afternoon on the M1, the UK’s second busiest motorway, was very heavy, but moving steadily. I was doing around 70 miles per […]

What does the US surveillance programme mean for procurement systems and people?

We’re delighted to welcome a guest post from Jessica Warren of Hubwoo, eProcurement and b2B business network providers. A French company, we should point out […]