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David Atkinson

David Atkinson On SRM – A Personal Journey on LinkedIn (Also at eWorld)

Regular readers will know of David Atkinson’s expertise in supplier relationship management (SRM) in particular. He’s written many articles for us over the years, (like […]

SRM: Five Leadership Challenges from David Atkinson

Here is another of our favourite guest articles from 2016 -  David Atkinson defining the challenges   around implementing successful SRM programmes. His first three were […]

SRM: Five Leadership Challenges (Part 2)

In part 1 yesterday of David Atkinson's SRM leadership challenges, we defined the first three being around implementing successful SRM programmes. Let’s continue with the remaining […]

SRM: Five Leadership Challenges (Part 1)

Continuing his series on supplier relationship management, ex CPO and SRM guru, David Atkinson, offers an expert look at five key challenges for the CPO. For some years now, […]

David Atkinson on SRM – Who Benefits?

In the first video of this short series, ex CPO and SRM guru David Atkinson discussed how important it is for CPOs to have a […]

David Atkinson on SRM – Why Are You Doing It?

In recent years we’ve seen the emergence of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) as a topical issue and a genuine priority for CPOs. However, despite good […]