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DHL Challenges Loss of NHS Logistics Contract – Is Unipart Capable?

Excitement in the health procurement world as logistics firm DHL (owned by Deutsche Post) challenges the decision of the Department of Health & Social Care […]

Delays to NHS Future Operating Model Supply Chain Contracts

What’s going on with the NHS / Department of Health “Future Operating Model*” programme? The NHS Supply Chain website last week published an article titled […]

DHL NHS Supply Chain Contract – Extended for Two Years, Improved Terms for Buyers

Last week, the Department of Health (DH) through the NHS Business Services Authority (BSA) announced that DHL had been awarded a two year contract extension […]

Exclusive! Department of Health will not give DHL a 5-year NHS Supply Chain contract extension

When we say "exclusive" we mean this does not appear to have been reported anywhere else. The National Health Service BSA (Business Services Authority) announced […]