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P&G Not Happy With Digital Media – An Opportunity For Procurement?

Another of our favourtie articles of 2017 - and an issue that certainly hasn't gone away! We’ve seen procurement and supply chain issues hitting the […]

How To Determine the Business Impact of Our Digital Marketing Investments

As we said last week, not everyone at ProcureCon Marketing agreed that the phenomenon that is digital media is sweeping the advertising world with far-reaching […]

Non-Transparency in Digital Media – What Can You Do

At ProcureCon Marketing last week we heard from Martin Albrecht, Managing Partner at media agency Crossmedia. He talked about ‘Procuring Trust,’ - transparency in the […]

Digital Media – A Vacancy for a Campaigning Category Manager?

Reading the latest from Marc Pritchard, P&G’s Chief Brand Officer, in his battle to get some transparency in the digital media world, it struck me […]