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A Webinar with GEP – Transforming Direct Procurement

The argument has long raged between the importance of direct and indirect procurement to the business: whether one is strategically more ‘valuable’ than the other […]

Five Organisations Leading in Digital Transformation

This summer, The Hackett Group named the winners of its 2019 Digital Awards, which spotlight companies that are on the cutting edge of digital transformation, […]

Repositioning Procurement in the Midst of Radical Digital Change – ProcureCon EU

The ProcureCon series of events has been running for some 15-20 years now; given that it includes ProcureCon EU, Indirect, IT Sourcing, Marketing, Pharma, and […]

Consider Digital Transformation as a Value Generator

Everywhere you look now there seems to be reports, events and discussions about the “digitisation of procurement data” and the 'digitalisaton of procurement processes' and […]

2019 Key Issues Study: Procurement Needs Improvements In Analytics, Skills Alignment, SRM, Agility & Customer-Centricity

Last month The Hackett Group released its Procurement Key Issues research, highlighting procurement’s critical development priorities for 2019. It identifies analytical capabilities, aligning skills and talent […]

INVERTO – Plans for UK Growth and Market Expansion (Part 2)

Yesterday in Part 1, we talked to Lance Younger, new Managing Director of international business consultancy INVERTO, about his first couple of months in the role […]

INVERTO – Plans for UK Growth and Market Expansion (Part 1)

We reported in February that international business consultancy and one of Europe’s leading specialists in procurement and supply chain management, INVERTO, had appointed a new […]