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The Butter Market – Spreading To New Heights!

We’re used to commodity price variation being dramatic for products such as cocoa or oil. However, one of the unexpected trends in recent months has […]

How Markets Work – The Economics of Care Homes Spells Trouble For Councils

An understanding of how markets work should be a core element of every procurement professional’s knowledge base, and it is always fascinating to observe how […]

Osborne, Blackrock, Defence Procurement & Worrying Conflicts of Interest

Talk off the record to senior defence procurement people, and many will express concern about the revolving door from the public sector into supply-side industry. […]

UK Budget – Will It Impact The Contingent Labour Market?

BREAKING NEWS (Wednesday afternoon) - National Insurance Increases Cancelled! Chancellor backs down having read Spend Matters article ...   The UK budget last week had […]

Basware Conference – A Chance To See The Undercover Economist

Through this conference season, we are keeping a mental note of our imaginary awards. The best venue; the best snacks and the finest dinner; the […]

Hinkley Point – Try to Ignore Politics, Is It A Good Deal?

We haven't written about the proposed Hinkley Point nuclear power station up until now because it is very complicated and we don't have any great experience […]

Brexit a Month On – Other Risks and Uncertainties to the Fore


We enjoyed Andrew Daley's article we published last week surveying the procurement recruitment market a month on from Brexit. He was broadly positive given what […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Basware, Rich Doctors, Poor Workers and Tears & Marble

I’ve had a quiet week actually, catching up on writing after a long weekend partly “off work” (family commitments). I had one pub meeting planned, […]