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The Butter Market – Spreading To New Heights!

We’re used to commodity price variation being dramatic for products such as cocoa or oil. However, one of the unexpected trends in recent months has […]

Down the Procurement Pub with the PM, Guy Allen, Hugh Barrett and Kacy Hill

Now we are into July, it is officially the holiday season. So to get you into the mood, two procurement friends who are doing something […]

Both UK Economic and Global Geo-Political Risks Grow

We don’t often talk about supply chain risk two days running but there are good reasons to do that today. We mentioned our new paper […]

How Markets Work – The Economics of Care Homes Spells Trouble For Councils

An understanding of how markets work should be a core element of every procurement professional’s knowledge base, and it is always fascinating to observe how […]

Osborne, Blackrock, Defence Procurement & Worrying Conflicts of Interest

Talk off the record to senior defence procurement people, and many will express concern about the revolving door from the public sector into supply-side industry. […]

UK Budget – Will It Impact The Contingent Labour Market?

BREAKING NEWS (Wednesday afternoon) - National Insurance Increases Cancelled! Chancellor backs down having read Spend Matters article ...   The UK budget last week had […]

Supply Chain Crisis! We’ve Run Out Of Lettuce!

Another supply chain story hits the headlines and to be honest we don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Here at the HQ of Spend […]

Basware Conference – A Chance To See The Undercover Economist

Through this conference season, we are keeping a mental note of our imaginary awards. The best venue; the best snacks and the finest dinner; the […]

Hinkley Point – Try to Ignore Politics, Is It A Good Deal?

We haven't written about the proposed Hinkley Point nuclear power station up until now because it is very complicated and we don't have any great experience […]

Brexit a Month On – Other Risks and Uncertainties to the Fore


We enjoyed Andrew Daley's article we published last week surveying the procurement recruitment market a month on from Brexit. He was broadly positive given what […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Basware, Rich Doctors, Poor Workers and Tears & Marble

I’ve had a quiet week actually, catching up on writing after a long weekend partly “off work” (family commitments). I had one pub meeting planned, […]