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Revealed: The Procurement Pub Debate – Who Got the Vote?

So we told you yesterday about last week’s great Spend Matters Procurement Pub Debate, sponsored by the lovely folk from Procserve, eProcurement leaders.  The motion […]

The Procurement Pub Debate – 4 Speeches and Some Strong Banter!

Last week we held the first Spend Matters Procurement Pub Debate for some time, courtesy of eProcurement masters Procserve, and although we say it ourselves, […]

Do Elections Impact Procurement? Arguing In Favour of the Motion: No! 

Jason Busch is Spend Matters' co-founder and original contributor, based in Chicago. He is visiting Peter and myself this week in the UK and took time […]

Cabinet Office Structural Reform Plan – huge implications for public procurement?

Hot off the Cabinet Office website - the Structural Reform Plan. Very interesting stuff, blog material for the next month here I think,  and kudos […]

David Laws expenses ‘issue’

How sad. The most impressive new figure on the political scene for many years, I thought. Potentially the architect of a revolution in public sector […]

Latest news (or lack of news) on OGC and the Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG to its friends…)

Word on the street about the Efficiency and Reform Group...is there is no word. Folk in OGC uncertain about future, but no hint that OGC […]

£6 billion government efficiency savings to be announced next Monday

What do we think? Where will the money come from? Have to be some delays / cancellations on more major (probably IT and some capital) […]

Post election ‘shock horror’

And so it starts...the public finances are much worse than we thought, Labour were concealing stuff, contracts were signed just before the election.  As the […]

Coalition agreement – what does it mean for public procurement?

I  was in a Government Department office on Thursday morning and the most common thing I heard was "I better read the coalition document before […]

The Perfect Storm – public procurement after the election

If you found the excerpts here - or the summarised version on the Supply Management blog - interesting, you can download our whole White Paper […]