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Procurement Regulations protect us against incompetent (or worse) Councillors

There was an outburst recently from the UK body that represents councils – the Local Government Association (LGA) - about the way EU procurement rules […]

Negotiation strategy – bluffing, head-on truck crashes, and Greek bailouts

The Greek economic crisis is providing a fascinating example of negotiation strategy and tactics in action. Forgetting for a moment the terrible situation faced by […]

Greece – the endgame approaches

Perhaps we're finally getting near the end game for Greece. With no agreement on a coalition, there looks like there will be an election in early June […]

EU Procurement Regulations – a bulwark against corruption, or a pain in the bulwarks?

We had an interesting debate last week in our “comments” section around the EU regulations – or the proposed changes to them. It wasn’t an […]

IBM’s Procurement Head moves to Hungary – WHY????

In what is perhaps the most unfortunately timed  re-location in history, IBM’s Chief Procurement Officer, John Paterson, has relocated the firm’s Procurement Head Office from […]

More on the EU proposed procurement regulation changes – part 2

Here is Part 2 of our series on the proposed changes to EU regs (part 1 was here). And the Cabinet office is inviting comment […]

More on the EU proposed procurement regulation changes – part 1

Just before Christmas, the EU published the new draft procurement directives, the next stage in the process that ultimately leads to changing national laws and […]

Cameron, Merkozy – what went wrong with the negotiations?

When two parties in a negotiation both think the other is bluffing, we’re in an interesting situation from a Game Theory perspective. And if neither […]

Heide Rühle paper on procurement regulations accepted by EU parliament

The next step in the revision of EU procurement regulations was  taken last week when a paper was put to the European Parliament by the […]

Bailout does nothing for supply chain risk in Europe

I’m not an economist, but it seemed to me last week that the positivity around the Greek bailout was overdone. Stock markets responded well – […]

Finally… negotiation and UK submission on review of EU procurement regulations

It’s slightly embarrassing but I’ve realised that we left readers hanging after our series some weeks ago on the UK’s proposed changes to the EU […]

EU regulations – more clarity on when you can challenge a procurement decision

A recent Procurement Policy Note from the UK's Cabinet Office describes some changes to public procurement regulations. A number are pretty technical and not very […]