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Cost Reduction Is Not Enough – Defining Procurement and Corporate Value

I’ve been thinking and writing about “procurement value” in the past few weeks, lining up a new briefing paper and webinar that we’ll tell you […]

What Happens When You Increase A Supplier’s Costs?

There are a number of ways in which buyers increase costs for their suppliers. It might be through extending payment terms, or insisting that suppliers […]

Auditors and CFOs – Healthy Relationships or Too Close?

Much has been written recently about the oligopoly of the big four auditing firms and the dominance they have in terms of major audit work. […]

Can We Be “Fair” In Procurement? It’s Not Easy!

The sixty-four million dollar question is this - what exactly is “fair”? “Fairness” in procurement has come up recently in several concepts, from the discussion […]

The Cash Conversion Cycle – Did You Know CCC=DIO+DSO-DPO?

We are pleased to bring you another insightful article from Michael Lamoureux, who writes for Spend Matters US (we've left the US spelling for authenticity) and […]

CIPS Annual Report & Accounts – Honesty About a Tricky Year for the Institute

MS Outlook decided that the notification of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply Annual General Meeting next week wasn’t very  important so it went […]

Mending The Roof While The Sun Is Shining

We are pleased to welcome this guest post from Chloe Jansen, manager of operations performance at Ayming, which specialises in helping organisations of all types […]

Tradeshift Raises $250 Million From Investors, Claims Unicorn Status

Tradeshift, the supply chain marketplace, payments and P2P firm that many readers will know has become the latest “unicorn” in our sector. Yesterday, the firm […]

Proactis Results – Investors React Badly To Slowing Growth

We missed the announcement of half-year results from procurement software firm Proactis last week, but they are noteworthy enough to come back to now. On […]

Capita Rights Issue & Procurement Points To Watch When Suppliers Are In Trouble

Last week, services provider Capita announced a rights issue to shore up the firm’s finances. Investors chipped in £701 million in new money as pre-tax […]

A Crisis In Social Care? Alllied Healthcare Looks To Re-Structure Debts

There was a worrying development late last week when Allied Healthcare told staff and clients that they are seeking a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) – […]

Ethics, Service Providers and Financial Advisers – A Heart-Warming Story!

What would you hope to see from a truly excellent service provider? We could all draw up our own list, but one indicator might be […]