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Russell Hume Goes Under, About 300 Jobs Lost – The FSA Needs To Tell Us More

I’ve been fuming for days about the news last week that Russell Hume Ltd, the meat supplier to Wetherspoons who hit problems a few weeks […]

Questions Remain Over Kentucky Fried Chicken Supply Chain Debacle

No doubt the Kentucky Fried Chicken supply debacle will fade from the collective memory quickly, but at the moment there are many questions unanswered. It’ll […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Dogs, Chickens, the LSE and Courtney Marie Andrews

A quiet time socially after last week’s Jason Busch visit. But some travelling – my non-exec board in Lincoln, then up to see Mother in […]

Wetherspoons’ Steak Shortage Raises Supply Chain Risk Issues

What seemed at first to be a somewhat humorous news story last week turned into something more serious for many businesses. It first hit the […]

Plan for Public Procurement – Food buyers need to look at more than cost

Public sector buyers of food will be required (in central government) and expected (in other sectors) to use a new framework that defines the evaluation […]

Gauthier restaurant takes the lead on the calorie ‘transparency’ agenda

Our favourite London restaurant, Gauthier, has become the first top London restaurant to put calorie counts on the menu. Is this genius or madness? It […]

Gauthier – our favourite restaurant in London

We're not going to become food bloggers here; the concept of taking photos of my Scallops before eating them seems a bit weird.. but as […]