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Public Spend Matters Europe – Highlights from This Week

Here's our Friday rundown of  highlights from our site dedicated to exciting and fascinating matters connected with European public sector procurement - Public Spend Matters Europe.  As […]

Ministry of Justice – improving Contract Management post Serco & G4S

We recently featured the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) staff event where the Serco and G4S issues were discussed in some detail – see our reporting […]

Ministry of Justice and Serco / G4S contract over-billing; the inside story (part 2)

(Continuing the story of the Ministry of Justice Electronic Monitoring (EM) over-billing, as told to us at the department’s staff event last week by Vincent […]

G4S back in frame for UK public contracts – has its exile been successful for government ?

So G4S, the huge security and outsourced services provider, is officially off the naughty step with the UK government and back in the frame for […]