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The Procurement Analysts’ Reel Episode 2 – An Interview with Andrew Karpie

As we explained in our post recently, we are running a series of podcasts we have named The Analysts' Reel – in them we speak […]

Ferries, Lorraine Kelly and All That

We are delighted to be able to feature the occasional guest post from our previous MD, Peter Smith, co-founder of Spend Matters Europe. Today he […]

Sammy Rashed – Twelve Steps to a Fulfilling Career

I’ve always struggled a little to give career advice to anyone, given that my career, in truth, has been pretty random in nature. That was […]

Uber Loses London Licence – the Regulator Strikes Back

So, is the decision by Transport for London to take away Uber’s licence the end for the gig economy? Does it mean all those other […]

Online Labour Platforms – A Growing Category for Procurement

A multidisciplinary research and teaching department of the University of Oxford, the Oxford Internet Institute, is dedicated to the social science of the Internet. It […]