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IT: Procurement’s Unknown Ally?

Following on from the first post on the relationship between Procurement and other departments, "Why Procurement, Sales and Marketing Need to Align Their Views of […]

Procurement Still Not Getting the Basics Right – and it’s Happening Too Often

For all our talk of great strategic initiatives, capturing innovation from suppliers, and complex data analytics, talking to actual, real suppliers can be a depressing […]

David Atkinson on SRM – Who Benefits?

In the first video of this short series, ex CPO and SRM guru David Atkinson discussed how important it is for CPOs to have a […]

Procurement Outsourcing – Which Payment Model Should You Use? (Part 2)

In part 1 of our article last week, we looked at the different payment mechanisms that are often used in procurement outsourcing arrangements. In broad […]

Can a Procurement Professional Learn from the New Indian Prime Minister?

We are delighted to  feature this thought-provoking guest article from Sanyam Khurana of procurement solutions firm GEP. For more interesting thinking on Procurement, visit the […]

Legislation to Ban Low-Value PQQs – Bureaucratic and Waste of Government Time

As well as transposing the new EU procurement directives into UK legislation, the government is also planning to incorporate recommendations from Lord Young’s “Growing Your […]

Buying Complex Services; The Pros and Cons of Frameworks – Making it Work

In part 1, of Buying Complex Services - the Pros and Cons of Frameworks, we looked at how frameworks or preferred supplier lists could be […]

Buying Complex Services – the Pros and Cons of Frameworks (part 1)

Today we're going to pick up on one particular aspect of buying complex professional services (our “hot topic” for this month). That is the use […]

Buying complex professional services – why is it so challenging?

Our Spend Matters Hot Topic for October is Complex Professional Services. And the first complexity is arguably how you define “Complex Professional Services”! What we're […]

The Challenges of Buying for Short-Term Events: The Experience!

In this final post on the challenges of purchasing for temporary sporting events and festivals, Daniel Ball of Wax Digital looks at purchasing and its impact […]

Are you REALLY realising savings on marketing print? Part 2

We are delighted to publish the second part to this guest post from Santosh Reddy of GEP.  In the first part GEP gave some tips on how to tap […]

Celebrating Cynics – watch out for cartels

In the last of our series, “Celebrating Cynics”, we’ll look at cartels. “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, […]