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Public Spend Forum – Public Procurement news from this week

Public Spend Forum (PSF) is a public sector procurement global community and market intelligence platform dedicated to improving public procurement. GovShop is its free-to-use government […]

More on Government Spend with Smaller Firms – Why Isn’t It Growing?

While it was good to see Civil Service World picking up on the story about government’s declining spend with smaller suppliers (see our original story […]

Is Government Making the Wrong Buying Decisions?

government spending weighting

We are pleased to publish this post from Alan Day, founder and chairman, State of Flux  (global procurement consultancy and SRM software provider), looking at what's behind the government's […]

NAO on Government Spend with SMEs – the Barriers to Business

We have read the NAO report “Government’s spending with small and medium-sized enterprises” more thoroughly now. (See our initial comments here). We would have been […]

Do Elections Impact Procurement? Arguing In Favour of the Motion: No! 

Jason Busch is Spend Matters' co-founder and original contributor, based in Chicago. He is visiting Peter and myself this week in the UK and took time […]

AMEE/Spend Network Study Reveals High-Risk Supply Chain in UK Government Spending

A new study has been undertaken to measure the carbon impact of the UK Government supply chain - it's the first of its kind  and uses […]

New Data on Government Contracts – Where Is Your Money Being Spent?

We’re pleased to feature a guest post from Ian Makgill, Managing Director of Spend Network which analyses government spend data, producing real evidence-based work. Spend Network and the Institute for Government recently published a joint report into the largest suppliers in Government. The data was collated from over 6,711 of the publicly available monthly spend statements from central and local government before being linked to Companies House and other records. The analysis features some familiar names, but also has some notable exceptions, G4S for example. We link to the full report and Spend Network gives a few findings that we believe will be of real interest to our readers.

Readers’ Comments — on Government Savings, Academic Journals and Wonga

We haven't reported on our readers' comments for a while -- there have been so many interesting procurement news items, CEO/CPO announcements, mergers, opinions, research […]

Spending with Capita by Central and Local Government

We are delighted to feature a post by Ian Makgill of Spend Network on Government spending with Capita. Following Peter’s recent posts on Capita, Ian thought […]