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A Christmas Case Study – Spend Matters Top Papers

In the run up to Christmas and my passing over the Spend Matters UK/Europe reins, we’ve been featuring some of the briefing papers we’ve written […]

Sir Humphrey Explains the CCS Consulting Framework

(With thanks as ever to Jonathan Lynn and Peter Jay, the brilliant writers of the immortal BBC comedies Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister).   […]

Procurement Capability Review for the Department of Seasonal Affairs

It’s ten years since I was first involved with the Office of Government Commerce’s Procurement Capability Reviews, in which small teams of civil servants and […]

Yes (Procurement) Minister – How The SME Target Got Developed

In going through or archives to find some interesting “blasts for the past” to feature through August, we came across this from June 2011, which […]

The Mystery of the Disappearing Commercial Specialists (With Apologies To Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

“Holmes, what do you know of the Civil Service Commission"? I asked my friend that question one sultry August afternoon, as we sat in our […]

DWP Universal Credit Programme – What Did Sir Humphrey Know?

One of the biggest technology and change programmes in the UK government is the DWP Universal Credit programme, which is looking to totally change the […]

Guided Buying and Machine Learning – What Does Microsoft’s Tay Experiment Tell Us?

Microsoft launched an Artificial Intelligence, machine-learning Twitter-bot persona last week, “Tay”, supposedly an “18-24” young woman. Tay started well, but within 24 hours, “she” was […]