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Tax Matters – How Does Spend Matters Operate?

Since the debate about Google's tax affairs erupted last week, virtually everyone I have seen is asking just one question - so Peter, how much […]

Bid Feedback – What Procurement Says, What Procurement Means

Here is another of our "best of" posts from 2015 for your holiday period reading pleasure!  ____________ I still do a small amount of consulting work […]

More Best and Worst Procurement Interview Questions – a Recap

Over the holiday period, we will be publishing some "best of" type posts from 2015. This one was actually a compilation of readers' comments from […]

The Twelve Procurement Days of Christmas – Our Briefing Paper Available Here!

Now you really should be in the Christmas mood, you might want to go back to last year and the BravoSolution Real World Sourcing briefing […]

Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Commercial Director

(In this holiday period, when news is somewhat thinner on the ground, we thought we would take a few articles from the Spend Matters archives […]

Paddy Englishman, Paddy Dutchman and Paddy Japaneseman Walk into a Supplier Relations Bar

We are pleased to bring you a post on our Supplier Relationship Management hot topic this month from Dr Alan Holland, Founder and CEO, Keelvar - sourcing optimisation […]

Tory Volunteering Pledge – CIPS and DRIP to Take Advantage of Proposed Scheme

The crazy, costly, headline-grabbing, thoughtful and caring scheme from the Conservative party manifesto to make all large employers give staff three days a year off […]

Selectica/b-pack Acquisition Coverage + Best of April Fool’s 2015

TONS going on this week in the US. Let's hop (get it! Easter Bunny!) right into it. Today we bring you Selectica/b-pack coverage, why Hubwoo's annual results call produced more questions than answers, the best of April Fool's 2015, and a lovely song from the French Christine and the Queens.

50 Shades of Supplier Relationship Management – Procurement, Punishment and Pleasure

Attending the launch of Statess (providers of supplier management software) last week, plus the high-profile launch of a certain huge hit film, got us thinking […]

Bid Feedback – What Procurement Says, What Procurement Means

I still do a small amount of consulting work these days.That is in part because I enjoy it, in part because it keeps my hand […]

Procurement Predictions for 2015 – part 2

Continuing our predictions for 2015, unexpurgated and unconstrained by taste or feasibility! June - Premier Foods announces that from October, suppliers will be charged for […]

Procurement Predictions for 2015

Having said last week that predictions are notoriously inaccurate, we have recanted somewhat. We’ve put tongues firmly in cheeks, looked hard at our tea-leaves and […]