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Happy Halloween – and Scary Stuff at ValueX

Last year, consumer research firm Mintel predicted the UK would spend £419 million on Halloween, up by 5% from the year before, on sweets/chocolate, costumes […]

IBM Emptoris – Hello, Is There Anybody There?

If we go back six or seven years to the early days of Spend Matters in Europe, BravoSolution and Emptoris were two of our first […]

Down the Procurement Pub with Justin Sadler-Smith, Swedish Ships, and Drive-By Truckers

Here is a picture from the BravoSolution Real World Sourcing session (before the nice lunch and wine arrived, actually) led by Guy Allen and titled […]

Ross Mandiwall of IBM – Thoughts on Supplier Diversity and MSDUK

We had the pleasure recently of speaking to Ross Mandiwall of IBM. He’s an 18-year long-term procurement professional with the firm, having worked his way […]

Spend Matters 50/50: IBM – A Provider to Know in 2015

  A number of years ago, IBM acquired Emptoris, a sourcing and supplier management solution, and Big Blue continues to serve the market with this […]