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Integrated ERP Procurement

Integrated ERP Procurement Myth – unraveling the spaghetti strands

In Pierre Mitchell's remarkable article (with opinion, insight, thought-leadership, analysis and recommendations all rolled into one), "Don’t Fall for the Myth of Integrated ERP Procurement" - Pierre takes the lid off the tin of spaghetti that twists and turns around ERP. He talks about its value, integration and relationship with procurement, the major players clouding the water and the good old procurement/IT who-knows-best debate. This article is an absolute must-read for anyone already using SAP/Ariba, since it outlines the what-comes-next scenario for the largest ERP and, previously largest, best-of-breed vendor. And for those not using it, any organisation purchasing technology will benefit from this frank and informative look at the issues around 'being proactive and not outsourcing your Procurement Information Architecture / strategy.'