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Procurement’s Gender Gap – Is It Really A Procurement Problem?

An article published by Procurement Leaders that popped up in my feed the other day managed to be both thought-provoking and somewhat naïve in equal […]

Crisis in Catalonia – the Supply Chain Risk Perspective

There are many implications and issues around the events in Catalonia, with the government there declaring independence from Spain. That was rapidly followed by the […]

Kraft Heinz and Unilever Merger OFF – Might Have Been Good News For Procurement?

(Breaking News - Sunday 6pm - Kraft Heinz pull out of after reading that Spend Matters has some misgivings about the proposed deal  ... seriously, […]

Sam Walsh, New CIPS President, Caught Up In Rio Tinto Payments Investigation

Obtaining and retaining mining rights in the developing world is a tricky and often murky business. Such rights can be worth billions to the mining […]

Trump Day on Spend Matters – Everything Procurement Professionals Need To Consider

Today is ‘Trump Day’ on Spend Matters UK/Europe! We have several articles from our Spend Matters team as well as some excellent and stimulating guest […]

Welcome to a “Risky” New Sponsor – Can riskmethods Protect Your Business?

Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted last week a new Associate Sponsor logo appearing on the site. riskmethods (lower case and a single word) “provides comprehensive […]

Dan Quinn of Tejari: An Englishman In Dubai (and Loving It!)

When I was in Dubai recently for the Real World Procurement events there, I took the opportunity for a chat with Dan Quinn, the relatively […]

Sterling Collapses, Buyers Face Price Rises And Tough Negotiations

The UK currency continued its post-Brexit vote decline last week. It has fallen some 15% since the June 23rd vote (and was already down on […]

Escape From Brexit – A Procurement Career in New Zealand?

More than 10,500 Britons have inquired about emigrating to the country since the Brexit vote, the New Zealand Herald says, more than double the number […]

Hinkley Point – Try to Ignore Politics, Is It A Good Deal?

We haven't written about the proposed Hinkley Point nuclear power station up until now because it is very complicated and we don't have any great experience […]

Brexit a Month On – Other Risks and Uncertainties to the Fore


We enjoyed Andrew Daley's article we published last week surveying the procurement recruitment market a month on from Brexit. He was broadly positive given what […]

IT Supply Chain Developments and Their Impact on Buying Decisions


Al Nagar, Head of Benchmarking, KnowledgeBus, Mercato Solutions, continues his series of monthly advisory pieces sharing recent movements and impactors within key IT product categories, to keep you up to date with the […]