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The NHS GS1 Programme – The Inside Story from Owen Inglis-Humphrey (part 2)

Let's return to our interview with Owen Inglis-Humphrey and the NHS GS1 demonstrators - the programme to show what product barcoding and associated standards can […]

The NHS GS1 Programme – The Inside Story from Owen Inglis Humphrey

We've written several articles about the GS1 barcoding initiative in the NHS and most recently, the decisions around appointing the six "demonstrator" sites. These Trusts […]

Hospital Inventory Management: Taking Stock at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

We welcome this post from Jackie Pomroy, head of supply chain at NHS South of England Procurement Services. Jackie explains the measures taken at Portsmouth […]

An Appetite for Inventory Innovation in Healthcare

We may know what supplies hospitals are buying, but do we know what supplies are actually being used?  We are pleased to publish our first […]

Sparesfinder (part 2 ) – smart inventory management

We introduced Sparesfinder recently and explained why managing spares and components effectively can bring big benefits for firms. More today about the firm and what […]