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US Government IT procurement under the microscope – read this excellent report

We’ve been very remiss in not featuring up to now a recent report on government IT purchasing by our US colleagues at Public Spend Forum. […]

What to Consider When Sourcing a SaaS Application

We are pleased to bring you this guest post from Sanyam Khurana of GEP, whose Knowledge Bank is a rich and varied source of procurement thinking. […]

Cost Plus 673 Percent? Some Organisations Still Paying Way Over the Odds Procuring IT Products

We are pleased to welcome a guest post from Al Nagar, Head of Benchmarking at Mercato Solutions, highlighting the overspend on IT equipment by some sectors, […]

TechMarketView says UK Government IT still dominated by the big firms

I got a sneaky view of an excellent report the other day – the TechMarketView UK Public Sector Supplier Landscape 2012/13. This is a paid-for, […]

Contracting in the Cloud – a view from Andomise

I attended a breakfast session sponsored by a bunch of companies a couple of weeks back – led by Andomise and Coupa, with Market Dojo […]

How’s the UK government IT strategy going from a procurement perspective?

(We're pleased to feature another post from Ross Mulkern, our resident expert on Finland, heavy metal guitar, and government IT strategy...) The NAO recently released […]

Duncan Jones (Forrester) on why Strategic Relationships Go Bad – part 2

We started coverage here of the excellent paper from Duncan Jones of Forrester, titled “Transform Your Strategic Supplier Relationships From Duels Into Duets”. (Available here). […]

Thailand Hard Disk Drive production – cost and supply implications

Our friend at Probrand,  Iain Bowles, who knows more about IT supply chain issues than anyone we’ve ever met, writes about the effect of the […]

The mystery of the Welsh laptops (part 2) – the plot thickens

So we explained yesterday about Torfaen council buying 8,600 laptops having asked suppliers to quote on the basis of a volume of just 400. It […]

The Mystery of the Welsh Laptops… (part 1)

We were tipped off back in the Spring about a purchase of laptop computers by a Welsh local authority that was getting some comment locally. […]

The floods in Thailand and their effect on IT supply chains

Our friend at Probrand,  Iain Bowles, who knows more about IT supply chain issues than anyone we've ever met, says that the effect of the […]

Probrand – a dynamic and innovative approach to IT procurement (part 2)

We featured yesterday the Probrand IT procurement platform, which tracks prices in real time across 150,000 items and runs daily auctions across thousands of manufacturers […]